D. J. Bernstein
Bernstein v. United States


Bernstein v. United States received a tremendous amount of support from the community.

Thanks to all the attorneys who contributed time to this case. Cindy Cohn (McGlashan & Sarrail) was pro-bono lead counsel from the start of the case until she joined EFF in 2000. Other pro-bono members of the legal team at various times:

Thanks also to John Gilmore, who was a consultant to the legal team for many years.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a declaration:

Thanks to everyone who submitted an amicus brief:

Thanks to everyone who pointed out dangers in the regulations, pointed out loopholes and other stupidities, reported results of interactions with the government, or otherwise helped us all figure out what was actually going on.

Thanks to everyone who showed up for court hearings, wrote to Congress, or otherwise told the world "We care!" And thanks to everyone who said the same to me privately.

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word to the public and the press. Thanks, in particular, to John Gilmore, Stanton McCandlish, and John Young for converting tons of documents into easy-to-read web pages.

Finally, thanks to everyone who supported this case financially. I have a separate page acknowledging donations.